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Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

While working as representative for Moda Fabrics, Eileen Taylor immersed herself in the quilting industry and dreamed of designing fabric.  To turn those dreams into a reality, she teamed with Lynn Hawley Bloomquist, a talented graphic designer and artist who shared Eileen’s vision.  Since Pinecone Lodge debuted in 1998, they have created more than 60 collections for Moda featuring a Northwoods theme.

The niche suits these Minnesota women well as both take inspiration from the natural beauty of their home state. The lacy pattern of leaves made by insects chewing, the colors of a sunset over a beautiful lake and the movement of water bugs dancing in reflections on the water have all found their way into Holly Taylor designs.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Classic Shaded Oaks Flannel 2012/fcc_shaded_oaks_flannel.pdf 2012/jpg_shaded-oaks-flannel.zip 2012.07
Christmas Christmas Spirit 2012/fcc_christmas_spirit.pdf 2012/jpg_christmas-spirit.zip 2012.06
Style Sunrise Sunset 2012/fcc_sunrise_sunset.pdf 2012/jpg_sunrise-sunset.zip 2012.03
Classic Birch Bark Lodge 2011/fcc_birchbark.pdf 2011/jpg_birch-bark-lodge.zip 2011.10
Classic Birch Bark Batiks 2011/fcc_birchbark.pdf 2011/jpg_birch-bark-batiks.zip 2011.10
Classic Winter in the Pines Flannels 2011/fcc_winter_in_the_pines.pdf 2011/jpg_winter-in-the-pines.zip 2011.08
Classic Northern Cardinals 2011/fcc_Northern_Cardinals.pdf 2011/jpg_northern-cardinals.zip 2011.06
Style Dragonfly Summer Batiks 2011/fcc_Dragonfly_Summer.pdf 2011/jpg_dragonfly-summer-batiks.zip 2011.03
Style Dragonfly Summer 2011/fcc_Dragonfly_Summer.pdf 2011/jpg_dragonfly-summer.zip 2011.03
Classic A Simpler Time 2010/fcc_a_simpler_time.pdf 2010/jpg_a-simpler-time.zip 2010.11
Classic Moonlight Lodge Flannels 2010/fcc_moonlight_lodge.pdf 2010/jpg_moonlight-lodge.zip 2010.08
Classic Northwoods Botanical 2010/fcc_Northwoods_Botanical.pdf 2010/jpg_northwoods-botanical.zip 2010.05
Classic Wildflower Batiks 2010/fcc_Wildflower_Batiks.pdf 2010/jpg_wildflower-batiks.zip 2010.04
Classic Holly Taylor Classics 2010/fcc_holly_taylor_classics.pdf 2010/jpg_holly-taylor-classics.zip 2010.04
Classic Lakeside Resort 2010/fcc_Lakeside_Resort.pdf 2010/jpg_lakeside-resort.zip 2010.02
Classic Sunset Lodge Batiks 2010/fcc_Sunset_Lodge_Batiks.pdf 2010/jpg_sunset-lodge-batiks.zip 2010.01