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BH4-Block 26-Corey Yoder

BH4-Block 26-Corey Yoder

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Good morning Moda Friends!  This is Corey of Coriander Quilts, and I’m excited to be sharing my block with you for this round of Moda Block Heads.

Many years ago, probably about 20 or so, I made a Postage Stamp quilt using Kansas Troubles fabrics.  Raise your hand if you love working with Lynne’s fabrics!  I had to add a quarter to the picture to see how small the squares are…1” finished.  It was such a fun project to work on!

BH4-Corey Yoder postage stamp

I thought it would be fun to design an actual “postage stamp” quilt block.  I have a thing for words, and I really enjoy it when the word has a clever spin…much like my business name, Coriander Quilts (Corey and her quilts).  As quilters, we aren’t expecting an actual postage stamp when we hear that phrase regarding quilting!

BH4- Corey Yoder postage stamp block

Download the pattern for this block on my blog.

I’ve enjoyed using Cozy Up fabrics for my blocks for this round of Block Heads.  The large-scale floral was the perfect fabric to fussy cut for the center.  Can’t you picture a whole quilt of this block, each featuring a different center?  It’s such a great block for an “I Spy” quilt!

BH4-Corey Yoder-postage stamp

It’s been so much fun sewing along with you, and I can’t wait to have a completed fall quilt just in time for the beautiful autumn season.

PS…if you haven’t yet decided on a layout, I’ve designed a fun one utilizing 25 of the 9” blocks.  You can take a peek at it here. (https://corianderquilts.com/blockheads-round-4-layout-information/)

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